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June Elizabeth is my eight-year-old granddaughter. She is kind, charming and very creative. And, she likes being the one in charge of the other grandkids. She absolutely does not mind making sure they behave properly and do what they are supposed to do. Some might see this as a fault. I see it as a huge natural strength. Miss June possesses an innate leadership quality in her personality. This meme made me smile today.


Leadership is influence. Nothing more and nothing less. I have known I had leadership skills from the time I was June’s age. As I have grown up, I have discovered that my leadership skills can certainly be improved upon. Training is good for all leaders who want to do a better job. But, this one thing is true; jobs wont get done without leaders leading the way. If you feel you have leadership potential inside of you, don’t put it off. Male or female, if you were born to lead, for goodness sakes, lead.

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