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Dialetheism is the view that some statements can be both true and false simultaneously. These statements are called “true contradictions  or non dualisms.”. Let me explain. You might remember the last blog I wrote was on the importance of managing your schedule and not letting people interrupt what you have planned for your day. That is an important principle and it is a key to successfully executing your agenda and reaching your goals. Therefore the following statement is true. For success you must minimize interruptions that pull you away from the scheduled task you have chosen to complete. And yet the opposite is also true. The greatest gifts in life are often found in small unexpected interruptions.

The trick is to know when to allow the interruption and when to stick to your predetermined schedule. Unfortunately, there’s no formula to this. You making the right choice requires being tuned in to what is all around you and trusting your intuition. You will look back one day and see those interruptions were some of the most important moments of your big life. 


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