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I have a friend who has a very small palate. When she is with us we know we have to pick a restaurant that has chicken fingers and french fries on the menu. It doesn’t matter how fancy the restaurant or exotic the food, if there’s a kid’s menu Sandra will be ok.  I’ve known her for over 15 years and she can’t be shamed into trying anything that’s even a little different. I know – I have tried. Chicken fingers, french fries and a coke – mmmm mmmm good.

Sandra cracks me up because my whole life I have had a very broad palate. Even as a kid when my family traveled out of the country I would order the strangest foods possible. I truly love it all. Beef tongue burrito, yes. Oysters, yes. Snake, yes. Curries and goulashes, yes and yes. I could go on but you get the point.

It really doesn’t matter much whether your food palate is big or small. I joke about it, but it’s not a big deal. Sadly however, I have discovered people sometimes go through their life with a small palate for living. Their world is only chicken fingers and french fries wide. There is no diversity. It’s all pretty vanilla. If that is you, you need to work on opening it up a little.  This is a beautiful world we get to live in. I have found friendly people on the six continents I have traveled to. I find most every person has a story that’s fascinating if you dig deep enough. In this life there is beautiful music to hear and stunning paintings to see. There are causes that need to be embraced. There are bullies that need to be stood up to. There are movies that need to be seen. There are lonely people who need to be hugged. There are dogs and cats that need to be adopted. There are great books that need to be read. There are great foods that need to be tasted. There are wonderful songs that need to be sung and there are majestic mountains that need to be climbed. We are given the opportunity  to do it all. Big life means a big palate for living. Stretch your palate and live large my friend. 

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