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Today’s guest blogger is one of my best friends, Jeff Chandler. Jeff is a teacher, counselor and Life Coach to people who want to live their absolute best life. He teaches about spiritual, emotional and relational health and healing. Jeff also serves as the Lead Pastor of The Village Church, an interdenominational Christian fellowship in Atlanta.


I remember years ago sitting and watching with amazement the athletes competing in the high jump event at the summer Olympics.  Their ability to leap so high and clear an unstable bar intrigued me.  As I watched I began to notice something slightly different about one of the athletes who kept jumping a few inches higher than his competitors.  Each jumper began with a bounce except him; he began with a step back.  It was then I realized a profound truth.  There will be times in life when our highest jump or greatest risk will require a step back.  At first it will appear as a set back, but what we find is, it was the necessary step to give us the momentum to accomplish our goal.  So as you seek to live the big life don’t be discouraged by what appears to be a step in the wrong direction.  It actually might be the one thing needed to take your greatest leap towards the gold!

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