Big Life with Ray Waters Neal Campbell no

Perhaps your life is in a mess today. Your plan is not turning out like you had hoped. The business deal didn’t close. The doctor told you your test came back and the results don’t look good. The love story you thought you were in is turning into a horror story. Your child is really struggling and you don’t know what to do. Your company is downsizing and you are the person who is about to be let go…..

I want you to know whatever trouble you are facing today is an opportunity in disguise. Your attitude towards your situation will determine to a large degree what will happen to you as you navigate the rough waters. Just don’t give up. You are going to make it. A wonderful writer I follow on Twitter named Jon Acuff said it like this. “Adversity is a comma in our story, not a period. It is not the end, often it is the point at which the story gets good.” I believe that is true for you and me. People who live big lives have to handle tough situations sometimes. Often our greatest victories come on the heels of some of our most painful moments.

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