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Last week at the Deupree House senior living facility where he lives, Dr. Henry Heimlich performed his namesake medical procedure on a choking victim. The person was 87 year old Patty Ris, also a resident at the Deupree House. A bite of hamburger had gone down her throat wrong and she began to choke. Staff was called. When they arrived they saw Dr. Heimlich rendering aid. Normally, residents are discouraged from trying to help in situations like this. Because it was Heimlich no one interfered. He performed his maneuver once and the food blocking Ms. Ris’ windpipe was dislodged. After a few moments, he did it again and her windpipe was totally clear.  By the way, Dr. Heimlich is 96 years old.

I am grateful Dr. Heimlich had information that was able to help save a life. I am glad he did not think himself too old to use what he knew to help another.

A few thoughts…..

  • You have insight and wisdom that can save people from some of the pains you have known in your life. Don’t be shy about sharing that wisdom. All won’t listen, but some will, and they will be glad.
  • You are never too old to be a hero. When a situation needs a hero, be one.
  • Chew your hamburger really well today. Dr. Heimlich is busy doing media interviews and probably will be too busy to help.

Just a thought about “Big Living.”

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