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Big Life № 2.04 | Creativity, Inc.

by Ray Waters & Neal Campbell | Big Life with Ray Waters

We know that artists are creative. That’s obvious.

Artists take enormous risks to try new things because only originality has value in the art world.

People who aren’t risk takers are frequently reluctant to identify with artists, but you don’t have to be an artist to discover the unique creative nature that is fundamentally a part of who you are.

Every person has within them the capacity to be creative.

Planning a meal requires creativity. Writing an original Facebook post requires creativity. Solving a math or science problem requires creativity. Calming an upset toddler requires creativity.

As we learn and grow, we constantly create new ways of interacting and relating to other people in our lives.

On this episode of Big Life, we talk about creativity and the book Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull, the founder and CEO of Pixar.

Having an appreciation for animation isn’t a prerequisite for learning from this book. The book tells the history of Pixar, but more importantly, it shares lessons learned as the Pixar creative team failed again and again behind-the-scenes on the way to one public success after another.

One of our favorite lessons from the book is how important it is to stop anything that isn’t working and immediately move on to a strategy that does work. Too often we get stuck in life trying to make something work that is NEVER going to work.

That can be a relationship, a product idea, a story, a business, or even a religious belief.

By evaluating what works and what doesn’t and only giving time to what works, we start to make legitimate progress and move from failure toward success.

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