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Big Life 2.01 | Work Life Balance Because You Are a Badass!

by Ray Waters and Neal Campbell | Big Life with Ray Waters

We’re back with Season 2 of Big Life with Ray Waters, and this season we’re bringing a new format that allows us inspire conversation about life design, growth, self-improvement, how our brains work and how people repair brokenness and change to have a bigger life.

Ray wrote a parable book called Tightrope Tango about a young couple struggling to achieve balance between their professional ambitions, and their desires to have a happy, healthy family. We recently released the audio version of the book, and we’re proud of how the story helps people remember four principles that should become priorities.

We used the first episode of season two to talk about the four priorities that can help with work/life balance.

We also talked about the concept of work/life balance with the question of whether or not it’s even a valid idea. After all, life is work and work is life.

We have a tendency to dream of days perfectly balanced into three equal parts in which eight-hours is devoted to work, eight-hours is devoted to leisure/family/entertainment, and eight-hours is devoted to sleep. The circumstances of life have absolutely no respect for that sort of balance.

The nasty parts of life can happen at anytime. Family emergencies have no regard for our work schedules. Problems at work can happen while we’re at a child’s piano recital. We often sacrifice sleep for both good and bad reasons.

Humans who care about living happy, healthy lives are learning how to happen to life rather than allowing life to happen to us. Incorporating practices like mindfulness, meditation, diet, recreation, financial discipline, and self-education can transform life from constant struggle into life that is filled with peace, love, and joy.

Work/Life balance should probably just be called Happy Life or something like that because that’s something we can achieve when we get our intentions in order and put in focused effort.

If you’re working on developing a happier, healthier way of life, get Tightrope Tango today! It’s just under two hours about $6 from Amazon. It’s a fun listen, and it will help solidify the priorities that matter as you move toward balance.

Big Life Book Review

On most episodes of Big Life Season 2, we will discuss a book. The first one is You are a Bad Ass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life, by Jen Sincero.

We read a lot of books about growth, personal development, business, life change, and mastery. So many books about life change are filled with promises that never get realized. Jen’s book isn’t like that. She offers real advice that will inspire you to make concrete steps toward fixing what’s not working in your life.

We loved her story about being a freelance writer who was barely making it through life financially. She was a skeptic about all things self-help, woo woo, and spiritual. Ultimately, though, she realized, if she wasn’t willing to explore things she had never been willing to explore before, her life would continue to be a struggle.

She started reading books that previously would only inspire an eye roll from her. She started opening her mind to ideas about abundant provision being available to anyone who is willing to take steps to do the things required to become successful, fulfilled, happy, and wealthy, and with in a relatively short amount of time, she went from barely surviving to thriving.


One of the things that makes Badass unique is the motivation to take her advice doesn’t seem undoable, or unreachable. It seems possible, and at the very minimum, it seems worth trying. Because I’ve had a degree of financial success, and I understand how I got it and how I lost it, what Jen teaches in the book resonates with my life experience.

If your life isn’t working. If all you do is struggle to survive from one day to the next, we highly recommend reading this You are a Badass, and if you don’t read books, get the audio book!

Other than any books the Big Life team writes and publishes in the future, 😉, You are a Badass may be the only self-help book you ever need to read.


Download the .mp3 of this podcast here.

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