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Big Life with Ray Waters #11 | Bou-Cou Jewelry by Becka Cowan

by Ray Waters | Big Life With Ray Waters

Becka Cowan is the owner of Boutique Couture Jewelry better known as BOU COU.

As a young woman, Becka was frustrated with not being able to find the perfect jewelry to compliment her style, So……She, decided to make her own.

Her creations were so unique and fashion forward, people fell in love with them.

Over the last several years she has become one of the premier jewelry designers in the business and has just recently had her creations on the cover of MArie Claire Magazine.

I actually met Becka when she was a teenager but I have only seen her a couple of times in 15 years, and I’m excited to share her story!

Check Becka’s designs at and stay up to date with her designs on Instagram!

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