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Big Life with Ray Waters #13 | Christian Bossert

by Ray Waters | Big Life with Ray Waters

Christian Bossert is the founder and head trainer for HomeFront Fitness, an in-home and online personal training business based in Atlanta.

He started the business during graduate school at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in March 2014.

Christian had discovered that there were many people who wanted to lose weight and get in shape, but would never step foot in a gym. He found the most common reason they didn’t like the public gym was a common feeling that they would feel judged and looked down on as failures before ever getting started.

In order to help these his clients, Christian knew he had to meet them in a trusted location, and that place is their own homes.

Christian believes listening with compassion is the key to unlocking the power within people.

He says listening is the MOST powerful tool when is comes to his success in helping people lose weight and feel great.

Since starting HomeFront Fitness over 2 years ago Christian has helped hundreds of people become mentally and physically stronger and healthier.

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