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Big Life with Ray Waters #4 | Delaine Ross

by Ray Waters | Big Life with Ray Waters

Delaine Ross is an entrepreneur – she has owned one of the most talked about gyms in Atlanta. She was a fitness competitor and has placed in major fitness competitions across the United States  She is a Senior Instructor and team leader certified by the Russian Strength icon Pavel Tsatsouline. Not only was her gym, Condition Kettlebell, named the Best All-in-one Workout gym in Atlanta magazine but she was also named the best personal trainer in the city.

She is an author of Train With Delaine Vol. 1: Perfecting the Kettlebell Swing and Get-Up.

She has a great DVD called Kettlebells for the Busy Professional.

Delaine is also a trainer of trainers who recently released a video course called The Comprehensive Kettlebell Catalog which is the culmination of what she has learned attending masters level courses and teaching at workshops all across the world and her training of thousands of students at her own kettlebell gym.

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Delaine Ross

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