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What if I told you that you are the reason your situation seems so dim. I don’t mean to be trite, and I certainly am not trying to add any shame or pain to an already difficult time. I just mean your vision is determining to a large degree the severity of your situation.

I learned a long time ago most situations are not as bad nor as good as you think. When something difficult happens around me I try to remind myself that this is not as fatal as it feels. Conversely, when something really good happens to me, I try to remember this is not the end all greatest thing in the history of the word. This might be good, but it is not the best thing ever. By training myself to see things closer to the middle and not quite as extreme, I feel I can better handle the ups and the downs of life.

I also try to remember to look at difficulties with an open mind, intent on finding solutions. I can rehash problems from now on and nothing will get any better. I want to look up, around and inside of myself to see where my answers might lie.

I have been told that you can trap a bee in a mason jar and leave the lid off and it will stay there. Why?  Because they don’t look up. They just buzz around bumping their little bee head into the glass wall. What if you could get that little bee to just look up and see the opening above it’s head?  It could fly away to freedom, but no, it only sees the wall that has it trapped. Don’t be like the bee. There are possibilities all around you. Big life means finding the path that leads to your freedom. It’s there – find it.

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