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Jane and I were walking on the pier in Santa Barbara, CA a few weeks ago and we decided to check out a place called Deep Sea Tasting, a wine tasting room. It was a cool experience and we learned some interesting facts about the wines produced in and around the area. A man stood over to the side watching the sommelier as he taught the people who were there for the tasting. I introduced myself and discovered he worked in Real Estate and he was there because the sommelier was his son. He was a very proud dad.

As we chatted we began to talk about the fine art of balancing our work life with our home life. I confessed to him that for much of my young adult life I had failed miserably with that. It was easy for me to be focussed on work and I carried that focus around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My problem was when I was supposed to be focussed on home my mind would still be at work. I thought I was fooling people but my closest family members and friends knew my mind was always on the job.

We agreed the answer to this problem is to learn to be present, really present, wherever you are. If you are on the job, focus on being the best you can be there. Give your business your best efforts. When you are at home, learn to be fully present there as well. Listen to your partner when he or she  speaks, look into the eyes of your child when they are telling you about their day.  It’s not easy but it’s necessary. Learn to be fully engaged at work and fully engaged at home.

I’ve thought about that meeting a lot over the last several days. I want to live my life always present in the moment. I do it better now than in my past,  but I still can drift back into old habits. How about you? Are you living in the moment? Do something a little different today. When you are work – be there. And when you get home with your family and friends – be there. Both  groups will be better served and you will be a healthier, happier person.

I remember an advertisement from when I was a little boy. It was for professional wrestling events. It always ended with the announcer saying, “Don’t miss it…..Be there!”  That’s good advice for you and me today, don’t you think? If you are going to live a truly big life, it is a must.

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