Big Life with Ray Waters Neal Campbell no

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.”       James Cameron

I have always dreamed big. I think it is probably a part of my natural wiring. I wasn’t taught to think this way, I just always have. And, conversely, I have known many wonderful people who are not so inclined, and that’s ok.  Here’s what I like about being a big dreamer:

There is more potential for good things to happen. Obviously, I don’t accomplish all of my dreams. I have a long list of things I dreamed, hoped and planned would happen, but it never did. Some people tell me that would be too painful for them to handle. Their strategy is to never face any disappointment, so they keep their dreams really small. I get that. That is one way to minimize any pain in having a dream or goal not come to pass. But for some reason, it has never really bothered me to not accomplish all of my dreams and goals. I have always felt because I dream more than most, I will have more dreams go unfulfilled than most, but, I also will have more dreams that do come to pass than most. It just feels like the law of averages to me. I also think when you shoot for the stars even if you come up short you still far exceed what would have happened in your life if you never aimed at anything. I think big living usually happens when a man or a woman has some dreams of a bigger life they want  to live. You have to dream it before you achieve it. 


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