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Jane and I are finishing up a home renovation. We had the opportunity to purchase the house next door to us for Joyce, my 86 year old mother in law. The house is 70 years old and was in need of a pretty serious makeover. We have worked quite hard on the house the last several weeks. Today, we turn the newly renovated house over to our floor specialists who will bring the hardwood floors back to their original beauty. In seven days the house will be ready to be occupied.

I have been reminded these last weeks of how trying to oversee a building process is much like building a business or brand. It, too, can be draining and tough. Here’s some similarities I have been thinking about.

  • As much as you’d like to have the finished idea before you start, reality is sometimes the plan morphs and evolves day by day. Especially, if you are renovating an old home. Every wall you get into reveals additional work that needs to be done.  You don’t have to know it all before you begin. In starting a business this is also true. You need to know all you can know, but most businesses will evolve. Most brand building evolves. You do not know it all when you begin the process
  • Watching the money line is critical. You have to have a budget and you must stick as close as  you can to it. Every day something else appears that needs attention and money. It is easy to overspend and create a financial problem by not watching your money. The same thing is true in business. You have to make choices with your resources. The last thing you want to do is totally deplete your capital. Save some back. You are going to need it.
  • Occasionally a superstar will appear who will take you to a higher level than you thought possible. Our superstar was a hispanic man named Jorge. He was hired as our sheetrock man. Then, we discovered he was excellent with tile and carpentry. When the project was completed last night there was no doubt in Jane’s or my mind that the MVP was Jorge. He worked 12 hour days. His only helper was his wife, Susan. His charges were fair and his work was exemplary. He made a hard project doable. In business, similar things happen. People like Jorge appear and have the abilities to impact your company in profound ways. Keep your eye out for those people. They will take you to previously unimaginable heights.

I am very glad our building project is nearing an end. Our life will get back to normal soon. But we realize if you are going to live big, you have to step out and attempt some things you haven’t done before. We did it. Thank God…..and Jorge.

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