Big Life with Ray Waters Neal Campbell no

Anything worth doing comes with fear attached. What if I can’t do it? What if I fail at this? Will people see me as a loser? What if the learning curve is too great? What if I don’t really have the aptitude needed?

I get these same fearful thoughts every time I begin a new project. And here’s what I try to do to get past them.  I remind myself…..

  • that if I don’t step out and try something new, I am settling for a stagnated life. I say to myself if an organism isn’t growing, it’s dying. Since I am not ready to die, I need look for opportunities to keep me moving forward.
  • that this new venture won’t kill me. It’s just a thing – a new something to try; a project worth considering. I don’t need to be locked down by fear over something that is not that consequential. Franklin Roosevelt was right, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”
  • that as soon as I move towards the “new thing,” the fear always subsides.  For some reason, when I am paralyzed by fear, if I can just get up and move towards it, it shrinks away.
  • that this is what life is. Having an idea, being nervous and afraid, overcoming the fear by moving towards it and then seeing something positive come to pass. It’s not that complicated.

I don’t know what you are afraid of today. If it’s a good idea you have been thinking about pursuing, I urge you to get up and do it. Time is short. Our lives are here and then quickly gone. Be a big life person by taking a risk. Go for it. Plan the trip. Finish your degree. Start that business. Train for that marathon. Write that book. Ask her or him for that date. Get that tattoo…..ok I got carried away.:) You get the point. Go live big my friends!

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