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Last week I began working on a new project idea that I am genuinely excited about. I am keeping it under wraps for now but when I can give you details, I promise I will. Here are a few of the things I have been thinking about as I work through understanding the potential for this new venture.

  • Is there a market? Will people be interested enough in this venture to buy it. It doesn’t have to appeal to everyone. I just need to know there is a tribe of people who see enormous value in what I am going to offer.
  • Does the new project fit with who I am? Will my strengths and temperament work with this type of a project. The greatest dream in the world will not succeed if it requires me to be someone I am not.
  • Have I sought counsel from the people who will honestly help me think through the pros and cons of the new venture. This afternoon my friend and business partner Neal Campbell will fly into Atlanta for us to meet and strategize over the next days about this new venture. My wife, Jane and I have spent a few days already brainstorming the potential of this new project. I would not do it without Jane and Neal’s full support.  

Life is always about growing, dreaming and being willing to step into uncharted land. It is scary. But all new things that are worthwhile start out a little frightening. The trick is to do your due diligence and then make a decision based on your highest hopes and dreams and not on your fears.

Maybe you have a new project you need to give some serious consideration to. Now’s a good time to begin the process. Don’t put it off. You don’t want to live your life filled with regrets and questions about what might have been. Put together a plan. Look at all the pertinent information you can gather and make a decision to walk boldly into your future. It’s the way big living is done.

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