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Ray Waters at the Atlanta Better Business Bureau

Notes from the Audience…


“Thanks so much for inviting Ray Waters for yesterday’s Lunch-and-Learn. I will be transparent and tell you that so often I find similar meetings very boring; however, Ray held my attention from the very beginning. BIG LIFE. Those two words were enough to draw me in and Ray’s info and plain spoken delivery were enough to keep me engaged.

The message and concepts are easy to embrace and, as a result, help everyone to realize the BIG LIFE is attainable. I am looking forward to reflecting honestly on where I am in my life in preparation for doing the next steps to successfully design my life.

Last night, I told my husband we need to sit down this weekend and look at where we are vs where we want to be. We always say we’re going to do it but then “work” gets in the way. Not anymore!

Ray has inspired me to do it NOW!”

Cheryle Ward, Executive Director
The Center for Character Ethics
Educating the next generation of ethical business leaders


“I just wanted to thank you for having Ray come to the office for a wonderful talk today!  He was very inspiring and brought up some very good points; such as having intentional focus and getting out of our comfort zones!  I am still working on what I want my goal or dream for my life to be, but he gave us some very helpful tools to get there and I am already thinking of little things that I can do to start!  I also bought his book today and as soon as I get home tonight I am going to read it!

Thanks again!  I can’t wait to hear him speak at Assembly in September!”

Fae Wardrip

Coordinator Accredited Business Services
Better Business Bureau Serving Metro Atlanta, Athens & NE Georgia


“I’d like to thank you for encouraging me to fulfill my promise to make appointments with myself for ME time.

I spend so much time ensuring my home has everyone’s needs covered that I’m stretched, and by the end of the day, too tired to spend time with the unread books and magazines that continue to pile up, the collection of music that I love, and to just be still.”

Ellen Prator

Coordinator Accredited Business Services
Better Business Bureau Serving Metro Atlanta, Athens & NE Georgia


“Thank you so much for your inspirational speech last Monday. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to you. I’ve gone as far as to implement ten things in the morning to get the blood flowing and my body into action. Also, having been a facilitator for many years at a major corporation speaking to classrooms from 25 -200, I know how taxing and downright frightening public speaking can be. Please know your delivery was what many facilitators dream to possess. You made everyone in the room feel as though you were speaking directly to them. Kudos, Good for you! Thanks again and much success.”

Olga S. Brittain

Business Relations Team Member
Better Business Bureau Serving Atlanta, Athens and Northeast Georgia


“Ray was a blessing and delivered such an inspirational timely message for me in my journey for a BIG LIFE!

Thank you Ray for sharing your story and the gift of your words with us!”



I just wanted to say thank you for inviting Ray Waters to speak with us on Monday. It was very uplifting and encouraging and a great reminder of who I aim to be in my journey of life. Sometimes we forget our path and have to be reminded.

Thank you,

Crystal McPherson

Trade Practice Specialist
BBB Serving Metro Atlanta, Athens & NE Georgia


Thank you for extending an invitation to Mr. Ray Waters to give a brief presentation. The information was extremely helpful and
great for the soul. A wake up call to those of us that have “fallen asleep” the midst of life struggles and challenges or who have simply
become complacent.


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