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This weekend my wife and I drove in my convertible with the top down up to the North Georgia mountains. It was wonderful. It’s been an incredibly hot and long summer, but this weekend there was the first hint of coolness in the air. The leaves haven’t started changing, but it is only a matter of time. I love when the seasons change.

  • In life we find ourselves in seasons. It can be an exciting season of success and growth.
  • It can be a season of beginning new things like a new relationship, a new job, or moving into a new home.
  • There are seasons when we feel the familiar slipping away. We sense a change is on the horizon, but we don’t know what it involves.
  • There are also seasons of death. A loved one dies. A dream dies. A relationship dies. That’s a tough season to handle, but we all will go through it.

Here’s what I know for sure. The season you are in, whether it is an easy one or a tough one, won’t last forever. It will change. Just as the long summer is giving way to the cooler fall, so too, will the season you are in currently change to another season. I am trying to learn how to embrace the season I find myself in. If it is an enjoyable one with a lot of positive feelings, I try to celebrate it. If it is a scary season of uncertainty, I try to remind myself of other times when I was uncertain and somehow was able to move through the maze of uncertainty to clarity. And when I am in the season of death, I remind myself that it is ok to grieve what I am losing or have lost. It is all a part of the process.

There is something beautiful about all of the seasons. Big living means truly embracing the season you are in. It will change. And when it does, you will need to embrace the next season as well. This is life. You’ve got this.

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