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I’m Ray Waters, and I want to welcome you to the story of how I live my life in a big way.

My wife Jane says I’ve always been about working to live a larger, more inclusive life. I call it the BIG LIFE, and honestly, that’s kind of a marketing thing, I guess, but it’s still very much what I’m all about.

The BIG LIFE isn’t about being better, richer, prettier, smarter, skinnier, younger or more popular. It’s about figuring out how to live a life that has more fun, loves more people, helps more people, visits fascinating places, says, “YES!” to opportunity and says, “NO!” to fear, enjoys the tastiest food, takes risk, is healthy in a balanced way, and  is self-designed to help you keep loving and growing and maximizing this wonderful life you’re living.

I am thrilled about the possibility of connecting with people who believe life is an ever expanding journey.

Public Speaking

I have been speaking to groups of people, large and small, for over 30 years on how to live life to the fullest.  Now through this website I am excited about communicating weekly with people just like you who want to be challenged to larger living. I am anticipating putting out two to three blogs a week on this website with content that will hopefully be helpful to you. It will be free, informational, educational and motivational content that I would love to share.

My hope is that you will like what you see and you will feel a connection with my style and personality and that we can form a cyber relationship. Who knows, maybe we can become friends.

I am going to work very hard  to earn your trust and make our time together valuable for you.

Who is Ray Waters?

I am a 53 year old husband, father, and grandfather who has spent his life trying to help people acquire the principles needed to live the highest quality life possible.

I am an entrepreneur who has started businesses in the ‘for profit’ and the ‘non profit’ sector…and I have made it my life’s work to help people live richer, fuller, more satisfying lives.

I love motivating people and organizations to become better and more productive than they ever imagined.

I am at my core an encourager of people. I believe in all of us there is potential beyond our wildest imagination. I hope you will feel my encouragement as we spend a few minutes together two to three times a week.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my wife, Jane, who is my absolute best friend.

We are the proud parents of three grown children…all married to fantastic spouses, and grandparents to eight beautiful grandchildren, who affectionately call us Big and Mimi.

My Work at The Village in Atlanta

I am also Pastor and teacher at The Village Church, a progressive, diverse, eclectic, non-judgmental inter-denominational fellowship in Atlanta.

Let me be quick to say, I always get a little bit nervous when people find out I teach in a church.

There’s a lot of baggage for many when you mention church. If you tensed up a bit, please don’t. I love communicating to all people. My friends and people who have influenced me are from every walk of life. My style and content respects all people.

In total candor, I also have made my share of mistakes on my journey.  I have probably failed more than most reading this intro. And I want to be honest about those missteps. I think it is in owning our stuff – even if it is bad, that we can learn and grow.  I feel it is my life’s purpose to help people avoid some of those ditches I have discovered along the way.

My Goal with the Blog

My ideal readers are probably adults who resonate with my teaching style and content and who see their life —- not as a boring — just get through it and die experience — but as an exciting opportunity to  grow and learn and love and experience and accomplish more than most believe possible.

We will address all things pertinent to living life well. We will talk about issues concerning relationships, productivity, new business trends, personal branding, health and wellness, networking,  serving others, self-leadership, being grateful in all things, setting priorities, maintaining emotional health, mastering a good attitude, integrity, understanding soul seasons, sticktoitveness, organizing, prospecting, delegating, making small Improvements, self esteem, confidence, being creative plus a whole lot more. It’s going to be fun and enlightening, I promise.

Here’s my promise to you. I will bring you information and insights two to three times a week  dealing with every aspect of living a larger, more fulfilling, more successful life  both personally and professionally. 

And I will bring this information sometimes through a quick story, sometimes through powerful teaching principles,  and sometimes through an interview with someone who is mastering an area of life in which we are interested.

This is going to be an incredible journey. I have been gearing up for this all my life. And my hope is that you will be excited about taking this trip with me.

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