Big Life with Ray Waters Neal Campbell no

Life isn’t fair. I realize that every day when I meet people, hear their stories, and then compare them to my own. Many blame their place in life on their circumstances and it sounds something like this…..

  • My parents weren’t there for me.
  • My first wife wrecked me and I haven’t recovered.
  • The boss had it in for me and I finally said, “To heck with this.”
  • The coach had favorites so I never got to really play.

I have heard these stories hundreds of times. They are always sad. I don’t want to negate the real pain people feel when they are hurt by others, but I do want to give you a different perspective.

When I have a pity party because something has gone wrong in my life I try to remind myself it is not what has happened to me. It is how I respond to what has happened to me that will make the difference. I want to introduce you to a new mantra today. If you are making excuses for poor performance and a ‘less than you had hoped for’ life, this will help you. Learn to say, “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

That is the key. Stop complaining about circumstances. They are not what is holding you back. Your decisions are. Decide now to start making healthy, well informed, positive decisions. That will insure your success with your big life.

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