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In life you will constantly be looking for people to be in your inner circle. These individuals will help move you to the next level in your life. Your inner circle will include your spouse, your closest business associates and partners.

Over the last 30 years I have seen more mistakes made here than anywhere else. I have also made mistakes that have set me back years by not thinking through fully the people I allowed into my inner circle. Here are 3 traits absolutely necessary for anyone to be allowed on your team or in your business, at least at the upper level.

  • Character – By character I am talking about a person who is known for moral excellence. A quick disclaimer… I have not always prioritized this trait for people close to me, and I have not always embodied this trait myself. In either scenario it has cost me. As I have matured I have realized character is critical to building a big sustainable life.  Can people trust you? Do you have a good work ethic? Do you show up on time? Can you handle confidentialities? Do you pay your bills? If you enter a partnership with someone with character issues, it will bite you at some point. Regardless of talent, the character component is critical.
  • Competency – In a growing business or organization you need people with talents, insights and skill sets that compliment your competencies if you want to succeed. If you look around the table and you do not see those competencies, your organization will not thrive. You have to hire talent. Years ago I sat at a NCAA Bowl Game with a friend who was the Director of Player Development for an NFL Team. He told me teams are looking for talent in the NFL draft. He said you cannot win without players who possess a unique ability to play the game.  They have learned over years of research that the best teams have the best players. Competency matters.  I have heard it said like this. You can’t take a mule and win the Kentucky Derby. Talented people make a team first class. If you don’t have talent, you will always be mediocre and you will never reach your full potential.
  • Chemistry – This is a trait I have ignored and it has hurt me. I have hired people who had excellent character and were very competent yet, they possessed no chemistry with me. This never works. You might convince yourself it won’t matter, but it really does. If you are working closely with someone you need chemistry. I define chemistry as the positive energy between two people. When you have it, you love being around the other person and you feel energized when you interact together.  On the other hand, there are some people whose personality simply sucks the energy out of a room. Those people cannot be in your inner circle regardless of how talented or how much character they have.

When putting your team together, make sure the 3 C’s are present. If they are there, your success will be much more likely. If they are not…..well you have been warned.

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