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Everyone wants to be free. But freedom is not the right to do whatever you want. Nor, is freedom the right to not have to do anything at all. Real freedom comes by your willingness to pay a price and it  always has a price.

Many dream of being free from the job they hate and It can be done. But, it takes a willingness to spend  time and energy developing additional skills that will allow you to either work for someone else or become an entrepreneur. Without commitment, you simply exchange one feeling of bondage for another. Some dream of being financially free and It can happen. But, it doesn’t occur just because you wish it. It only happens when you hunker down to pay off debt and save money. Then, it becomes a reality. To simply walk away from the struggle leaves you broke with no credit and no way to get the weight of debt off your back.

It is easy to say I want to be free. It is easy to quit the job or the marriage you feel is holding you back. But, often all you are doing is trading one form of slavery for another. Real freedom comes at a great price. It needs to be thought about, talked about and committed to. It takes a different approach than most are willing to take. It takes a tremendous amount of work to be free. But, it is available to you. And it is worth it.

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