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Tightrope Tango is a parable about Clayton and Darlene James, a young upwardly mobile couple who find their perfect world crumbling all around them. They need help and they need it fast. Enter an aging business guru who sees something special in this couple and decides to teach them the secrets of the Tightrope Tango.

Written in the style of The One Minute Manager, Tightrope Tango allows you to see yourself in the life of our heroes Clayton and Darlene. Exercises and suggested solutions will follow every section of the story. You will learn how to target problem areas in your life and re-evaluate your priorities.

How is your balance between work and life?

General Phillip Breedlove

“… Tightrope Tango is a brilliant self-help tool that addresses comprehensive fitness and provides insightful and useful suggestions that can help you realize the power of balance.”

Phil Breedlove, General, U.S. Air Force

Ray Waters Signs Tightrope Tango

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