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Everyone knows gratitude is a critical virtue in living the ‘big life’. Read any list of mandatory morning habits for people who want to succeed and gratitude is always on the list. Grateful people are happier than ungrateful people. Grateful people are more optimistic than ungrateful people. Grateful people see more opportunities than ungrateful people.

You can be grateful. You can greet each day as if it is a gift. You can be humbled at the magnificence of the universe we get to live in. You can truly develop a heart of gratitude for every thing you have in this life.

But will you? It’s so much easier to just complain than be grateful.

Go against the current and be that person who lives with unabashed gratitude for every little thing. That change in your attitude will change your life and open your eyes to a world bigger and more wonderful than you ever imagined.

What are you going to do?

It’s your move.

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