Big Life with Ray Waters Neal Campbell no
Take a close look at this little planted twig in the picture at the top of this blog. I put a key beside it for perspective. It is really unimpressive. It looks pretty pathetic. From all things you can presently see its future is not very bright or substantial. 
Now for the rest of the story…..Recently our friend’s daughter and husband toured across the United States in their camper.  They saw many amazing things on their trip, but nothing impressed them more than the giant sequoia trees they discovered in California. These massive trees are the largest living organisms on the earth. With a height of 286 feet or more, a circumference of 113 feet or more, an estimated bole volume of up to 52,500 cubic feet, and an estimated age of 1800–2700 years, the giant sequoia is among the tallest, widest and longest -lived of all organisms on Earth. And, it began exactly like the twig in my picture. That my friend,  is a baby sequoia tree. 
So, if you are feeling a little puny today, take heart. Growing to one’s full potential is not done overnight. Learn this today.Greatness is inside of you. It is there. You must believe it and then cooperate with the maturity process at work inside of you. It is coming. You are growing. You are formidable. You are amazing. You are just like the mighty sequoia. You are one of the true wonders of the world. You were born for greatness. Go live it now. 

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