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Have you ever wondered why some people with great talents never live up to their potential while others with far less natural ability seem to enjoy tremendous success?

Let me be personal. Have you wondered what’s holding you back from the success you dream about? You see others with less talent succeeding yet you seem to be stuck on first base. Your heart knows you were destined for more so you go through the mental checklist: (I’ve done this)

– Have a Dream – Check
– Have Intelligence – Check
– Have Desire – Check
– Have Character – Check

Yet something is wrong. An unseen force seems to hold you back. I believe sometimes there is a underlying mindset that is contributing to you being stuck. I believe there’s a misconception that has caused you to settle for a lesser life than what you desire deep down. Let me explain….

I think some of us confuse the idea of humility with fear. You say about success, “Oh I could never do that. I am not qualified for that kind of achievement. My life is not about that level of success. My family is a humble family that never really rises to the top.” You think you are being humble. Yet, more times than not this is not true humility, it is FEAR. You are afraid of achievement. It is a lack of faith in yourself that keeps you stuck. You don’t like owning that you are afraid so you flip it to a more attractive diagnosis that says you are just a humble person experiencing humble results.

I know what I am writing about because I have struggled here myself. I used to look around and say I’m living a good life, I have a great family, and I am enjoying a fulfilling career. Yet, I was still restless. I knew I was settling for less than what I was capable of achieving. I thought my results were the best I could ever hope for. I would rationalize this by thinking, I am just a humble man enjoying far more than I deserve, but that wasn’t it. The truth I discovered about me stung. My issue was I was afraid. I was afraid of my own success. I was afraid of separating myself from the pack. I was afraid of really becoming the man I was created to be. I know it sounds crazy but it is true.

Your success starts with a mindset. You were not stamped at birth with a mark on your backside that determines the heights you are allowed to go. If you have a burning in your heart for more than anyone in your family has ever achieved, don’t bail on that dream. Don’t write it off and convince yourself you are too humble a person, from too humble a family to live the big life you dream about. The issue you have to defeat is fear. We all face it.

The man or woman who succeeds greatly has had to learn to walk in faith and not fear. The best way I know to defeat debilitating fear is to charge straight ahead and step on its throat. I taught my sons a mantra when they were young. It goes like this: “Do the thing you fear the most and the death of fear is certain.” It really works like that. When you defeat fear once, it becomes easier to make it your habit. Stop confusing humility with fear.

Until the next time, I hope you’ll keep growing and learning and maximizing this wonderful life you’ve been given.

Big Living,

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